REVEALED: Grades K-5

Theology of the Body curriculum for the classroom.

Theology of the Body for Kids in Grades K to 5

Our elementary school Theology of the Body (TOB) curriculum, called REVEALED, is literature-based, using richly illustrated stories to delve deeper into the foundational concepts of TOB—using a language we can all understand. Through the curriculum, we look at what it means to be human: male or female, how to live as a gift to others, and what it means to have heaven as our ultimate destiny.

  • Easy to use
  • Very affordable
  • No prior TOB expertise required
  • Supplemental curriculum fits into your existing plans
  • For use by teachers, parents, and homeschool programs
  • Widely used in schools and parishes


Guidance in forming boys and girls to become who God created them to be

Most Catholic educators and parents lack clear and simple language they can use to help guide children in their God-given identity. REVEALED aims to provide those answers.

  • Offer language kids can understand
  • Engage minds and hearts through discussion
  • Foster discovery and creativity
  • Learn through the senses
  • Build the family with parent communications


Included in every K-5
Theology of the Body curriculum kit:

Teacher’s Guide

A comprehensive Teacher’s Guide including 9 scripted lessons, guidance for class discussions, and directions for introducing hands-on activities to young learners.

Revealed Grade 4


One to two works of age-appropriate literature. Many units center around a beautifully illustrated story to help children understand Theology of the Body concepts. 

Greek myths
  • Uniform lesson structure with fruitful discussion questions and enjoyable, feasible activities  
  • Pro-life, pro-family and pro-marriage lessons
  • Beautiful, fine artwork, prayers, and saint connections
  • Parent letter in English and Spanish
  • Teacher resource pages for thorough theme explanations
  • Ideas and phrases for creating a TOB culture in the classroom
  • Lesson extensions that provide additional literature with TOB themes
  • Church approved with imprimatur from the Archdiocese of Cincinnati
  • The missing foundational piece in Catholic religious education today


Priced right for you

Each K-5 teacher kit is $99, which includes all you need for the classroom: A teacher’s guide and 1-2 works of companion literature.

Happy Kid with Big Smile Drawing on White Paper with Pen

The power of Theology of the Body for kids

One second grade boy learning TOB for the first time offered this unsolicited note to his teacher: “The books you read, the words you say, change me.”

Second Grader
Immaculate Heart of Mary School

Q: What do you think is the most important thing you have learned in TOB?

“How to be a gift from God and how to get to heaven. I love TOB!”

Third Grader
St. Ignatius OF Loyola school

“…each night before our first grader goes to bed, he has the habit of telling me that I am a gift before he dozes off to sleep. It melts my heart and even encourages me on tough days.”

First grade Parent
St. Ignatius of Loyola School


Educator Support

Access training and resources to help you teach the truth with clarity and compassion.

Guidance for Parents

Like you, we care about rooting our children (and ourselves) in their own dignity as image-bearers of God. That’s why each Theology of the Body teacher’s guides comes with a letter and introduction for parents, plus lesson prompts to help families learn together.


Through discussion, activities and real-life application, each unit offers a journey through the truths of Theology of the Body for kids.

Themes are age-appropriate encouraging a beautiful, biblical perspective to view themselves, their peers, family, and the world. Each of the 9 stand-alone lessons may be covered within a 45-minute classroom period.

These life and identity affirming themes can be revisited through the year from the same story to strengthen the foundation of this beautiful learning.

K-2 Curriculum Overview

The K-2 curriculum is an invitation to the joy of being created in God’s image and likeness. The truths of Theology of the Body will foster the child’s lifelong dialogue with God. Beginning with beautifully illustrated children’s literature to pique discovery, the child will experience their unique role in God’s plan for humanity.

  • Creation is a Gift (Part 1)
  • Creation is a Gift (Part 2)
  • Original Solitude (Part 1)
  • Original Solitude (Part 2)
  • Dignity of Work
  • My Body Is a Gift from God
  • I Am a Son or Daughter of God
  • Order, Design, and Meaning
  • God’s Family
TOB Books
  • Creation is a Gift (Part 1)
  • Creation is a Gift (Part 2)
  • Purity of Heart/Virtue
  • Vocation (Part 1)
  • Vocation (Part 2)
  • Body-Soul Unity
  • My Body is a Gift
  • My Family is a Gift of God
  • Marriage is a Gift of God
  • Gift-of-Self (Part 1)
  • Gift-of-Self (Part 2)
  • Original Unity (Part 1)
  • Original Unity (Part 2)
  • The Body Reveals the Person
  • Marriage is a Gift from God
  • The Dignity of the Human Person
  • My Family is a Gift from God
  • The Body is a Temple of the Holy Spirit

3-5 Curriculum Overview

The 3-5 curriculum is an invitation to live the truth. Fundamental truths of Theology of the Body are expressed in greater detail. Children are encouraged to put these truths into their hearts and begin to grow a life of holiness through action. Drawing from engaging literature to foster discovery, the children will deepen their relationship with the living God, to embrace and exercise their unique gift as a child of God and temple of the Holy Spirit.

  • Gift-of-Self (Part 1)
  • The Body Reveals the Person
  • Sin Distorts the Gift
  • Families Are a Gift
  • Body-Soul Unity
  • Gift-of-Self (Part 2)
  • Original Solitude (Part 1): In the Beginning
  • Original Solitude (Part 2): Where We Are Now
  • Original Solitude (Part 3): Our Destiny
  • Body-Soul Unity
  • Vocation
  • Dignity of the Human Person
  • Authentic Love
  • Marriage is a Gift of God
  • The Priesthood Original
  • Original Unity (Part 1): In the Beginning
  • Original Unity (Part 2): Where We Are Now
  • Original Unity (Part 3): Our Destiny
  • Creation is a Gift
  • Gift-of-Self
  • The Dignity of the Human Person
  • Purity
  • The Cardinal Virtues
  • Friendship
  • Original Nakedness (Part 1): In the Beginning
  • Original Nakedness (Part 2): Where We Are Now
  • Original Nakedness (Part 3): Our Destiny

Why is Theology of the Body for kids based on literature?

Even as a priest, future Pope St. John Paul II used plays, poetry, art and stories to awaken young people to the wonder of their humanity, the purpose of love, and the beauty of their culture. Borrowing insight from the master, each unit of our curriculum is centered around a work of literature.

Capture with your students the joy, wonder, peace, and virtue of discovering the gift of life, and authentic identity and dignity of being male or female in God’s image.