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ROOTED’s NEW 2nd Edition of our K-5 segment is called REVEALED. Literature-based for kindergarteners through fifth graders to discover Theology of the Body and Christian Family Life truths. Each grade level’s non-consumable, complete curriculum kit includes one comprehensive, spiral bound Teacher’s Guide, & one grade level Student Activity Book for the teacher’s reference, plus accompanying works of literature. You will need one appropriate grade level curriculum kit per K-5 classroom & one student activity book per student per year.. Adjust your quantities as needed.



We understand that most Catholic educators and parents lack clear and simple language to help guide children in their God-given identity. The REVEALED foundational K-5 curriculum aims to provide answers. This is the comprehensive 2nd edition of the original ROOTED K-5 curriculum. Throughout the materials you’ll explore Theology of the Body themes, such as how we are made in God’s image, what it means to be male and female, and how our worldview will influence the way that we treat others. Easy to use and teacher approved, this curriculum supports both teachers and students as they deepen their understanding of God. No prior Theology of the Body experience is required.  

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What’s Included

K-5 Teacher’s Guides &
Student Activity Books

Each comprehensive K-5 Teacher’s Guide includes nine scripted lessons, guidance for class discussions, and directions for hands-on activities. This bundle contains a spiral bound guide for each grade level, kindergarten through fifth grade & one student activity book for teacher’s reference. You will need one grade-level curriculum kit including the accompanying literature books per grade level classroom teacher & one student activity book per student per year.



These classic stories help children understand Theology of the Body concepts:

Blueberries for Sal & An Egg is Quiet (Kindergarten) 
The Animal Hedge & A Seed is Sleepy (Grade 1) 
The Quiltmaker’s Gift & Saint George and the Dragon (Grade 2) 
Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters (Grade 3) 
Peppe the Lamplighter (Grade 4) 
D’Aulaires’ Book of Greek Myths (Grade 5)

Nine Literature Book Covers

REVEALED K-5 Curriculum

  • Uniform lesson structure with fruitful discussion questions and enjoyable, feasible activities  
  • Pro-life, pro-family and pro-marriage lessons
  • Beautiful, fine artwork, prayers, and saint connections
  • Parent letter in English and Spanish
  • Teacher resource pages for thorough theme explanations
  • Ideas and phrases for creating a TOB culture in the classroom
  • Lesson extensions that provide additional literature with TOB theme
  • Church approved with imprimatur from the Archdiocese of Cincinnati
  • The missing foundational piece in Catholic religious education today
  • One student activity book is included in each K-5 curriculum kit

More Info

Theology of the Body and Family Life themes are age-appropriate for young learners encouraging a beautiful, biblical perspective with which to view themselves, their peers, family, and the world around them. Each of the 9 stand-alone lessons may be covered within a 45-minute classroom period.

Kindergarten Lesson Themes

Creation is a Gift (Part 1) 

Creation is a Gift (Part 2) 

Original Solitude (Part 1) 

Original Solitude (Part 2) 

Dignity of Work 

My Body Is a Gift from God 

I Am a Son or Daughter of God 

Order, Design, and Meaning 

God’s Family

First Grade Lesson Themes

Creation is a Gift (Part 1) 

Creation is a Gift (Part 2) 

Purity of Heart/Virtue 

Vocation (Part 1) 

Vocation (Part 2) 

Body-Soul Unity 

My Body is a Gift 

My Family is a Gift of God 

Marriage is a Gift of God

Second Grade Lesson Themes

Gift-of-Self (Part 1) 

Gift-of-Self (Part 2) 

Original Unity (Part 1) 

Original Unity (Part 2) 

The Body Reveals the Person 

Marriage is a Gift from God 

The Dignity of the Human Person 

My Family is a Gift from God 

The Body is a Temple of the Holy Spirit

Third Grade Lesson Themes   

Gift-of-Self (Part 1) 

The Body Reveals the Person 

Sin Distorts the Gift 

Families Are a Gift 

Body-Soul Unity 

Gift-of-Self (Part 2) 

Original Solitude (Part 1): In the Beginning 

Original Solitude (Part 2): Where We Are Now 

Original Solitude (Part 3): Our Destiny 

Fourth Grade Lesson Themes

Body-Soul Unity 


Dignity of the Human Person 

Authentic Love 

Marriage is a Gift of God 

The Priesthood Original 

Unity (Part 1): In the Beginning 

Original Unity (Part 2): Where We Are Now 

Original Unity (Part 3): Our Destiny

Fifth Grade Lesson Themes   

Creation is a Gift 


The Dignity of the Human Person 


The Cardinal Virtues 


Original Nakedness (Part 1): In the Beginning 

Original Nakedness (Part 2): Where We Are Now 

Original Nakedness (Part 3): Our Destiny

Grades K-2 

The K-2 curriculum is an invitation to the joy of being created in God’s image and likeness. The truths of Theology of the Body will foster a child’s lifelong dialogue with God. These lower grades use beautifully illustrated children’s literature to pique discovery, and explore their unique role in God’s plan for humanity. Easy to use, and developed in a language children can understand, this curriculum requires no prior knowledge of Theology of the Body.  

Grades 3-5 

Grades 3 through 5 together offer an introduction to the three “original experiences” Original Solitude, Original Unity, Original Nakedness (a pure gaze viewing one another in full dignity as body-soul composites) that Adam and Eve and all of us encounter as human persons. Children are encouraged to put these truths into their hearts and begin to grow a life of holiness through action. The children discover their current place in history, the importance of the past, and aim for the future, eternal life in heaven, God intends for each of us.

Can I purchase each grade level separately? 

Yes, every grade level is available on its own.  

Why is Theology of the Body for Kids based in literature? 

Even as a priest, future Pope St. John Paul II used plays, poetry, art and stories to awaken young people to the wonder of their humanity, the purpose of love, and the beauty of their culture. Borrowing insight from the master, each unit of our curriculum is centered around a work of literature. 

Capture with your students the joy, wonder, peace, and virtue of discovering the gift of life, and authentic identity and dignity of being male or female in God’s image. 

Can I purchase the Teacher’s Guides separately because we already own the storybooks?

No. Due to our use of carefully chosen storybooks and characters that are intricately woven into understanding some of the TOB themes, plus the publishers graciously allowing this arrangement, we only sell these as a curriculum kit set together—storybook(s) plus Teacher’s Guide. Some schools or parishes take this opportunity with the extra literature books to arrange a “take home bag” with the provided parent letter and story overview to more involve the family in learning and reinforcing this foundational Christian anthropology. Homeschooling families who already have these storybooks often give the extra set as gifts or donate them to a charity in need.

What is Theology of the Body? 

Theology of the Body (or TOB) is the basis of our religion curriculum and coursework. But we know that most Catholics don’t have a firm understanding of Theology of the Body yet. That’s why we want to guide you through it. TOB is St. John Paul II’s powerful glimpse of the human person – expressed in 129 separate audiences – revealing the beauty of God’s design for us.  TOB helps us to understand how we were created, our identity in Christ, and our giftings, so that we may see ourselves and others the way God intended. 


  • Q: Your advice for teachers and staff considering adding in Theology of the Body?
    “Jump in. Don’t wait! You are going to learn, just like the kids are going to learn. It is really possible to just walk in and start [teaching] right away. It’s the missing ingredient to the recipe you’ve been working on [at your school].”

    Tim Reilly
    Former Principal for 22 years of Ignatius of Loyola School currently President of St Xavier High School
  • “This [TOB] tells you not just how [to live the Catholic faith], but why. That is exactly what we were missing all along. We have never gotten kids to explore the why part. We knew there was something not complete with us trying to help kids grow in their faith…It [TOB] opens so many other doors too. Kids are more creative. They can concentrate better. They are not worried about all this social stuff as much.”

    Tim Reilly
    Former Principal for 22 years of Ignatius of Loyola School currently President of St Xavier High School
  • “Anyone who’s been a principal for a while eventually starts figuring out why it is that kids make these mistakes that end up being the discipline problems in your office. It is because they don’t know why they were created. When you can help them figure out that they are created for a unique and special purpose and so is everyone else in their classroom — it totally changes how they interact with each other. Your discipline issues will change completely when kids understand who they are and why they are here. That’s why I am such a fan of Theology of the Body and the tools Ruah Woods Press has to offer.” [As principal of St. Ignatius of Loyola K-8 School with 1,000+ students: discipline files were reduced from 2 full file cabinet drawers to a folder just 3-4″ thick, and the seriousness of the offenses were milder, all attributed to integrating TOB into the school].

    Tim Reilly
    Former Principal for 22 years of St. Ignatius of Loyola School currently President of St. Xavier High School
  • “This material is very well thought out and vital for our students’ lives. I love revealing to my students the beauty and complexity that is our faith.” 

    4th Grade Teacher
  • “Thank you for creating materials that are literature based! Students love story time and are easily immersed in wonderful literature. I believe that this approach helps them to remember the concepts and to apply them much more effectively than a simple, traditional textbook would. I have been teaching religion for over 15 years, and this is by far the very best approach I have ever used. This approach coupled with JPII’s beautiful message has ignited a whole new passion in my teaching. What a blessing! I only wish I would have discovered it earlier!”

    2nd Grade Teacher
  • “Many students in our circle of influence are struggling with identity — who they are — what is their purpose. If we can start with this language early with these kids — how much angst and heartache can we save them? It will also bring us as teachers back to the core of who we are — it’s easy for us to forget too sometimes. If you have ever felt any kind of ache or longing in your heart — this curriculum will help you to internalize God’s ultimate plan for you…”

    4th Grade Teacher
  • “With the purchase of the On a Mission to Love [Rosary] books, we have incorporated a school wide praying of the
    rosary each and every Tuesday… We also purchased the Theology of the Body textbooks for our
    religion teachers to use during instruction. Fully integrating the TOB curriculum into our school was a goal
    drafted in our 2016-2021 strategic plan, and we feel we have successfully planted the seed with our
    students that they are in fact unique, created in the image and likeness of God, and for a special purpose.”

    Grades K-8 Principal
    St. James School
  • “TOB impacted my classroom in so many amazing ways! My students absolutely loved learning TOB each week. They often would relate what was taught in TOB to what we were working on … ‘Mrs. Geckle [designated K-5 TOB teacher] taught us that 2 weeks ago!’ They learned about different saints and how they could relate to them. They read impactful stories and did meaningful activities that made our classroom feel more like a family. The students understood from TOB how to treat others who are different and how to lift people up in life! I believe that TOB is extremely beneficial to my students to help them grow into kind and faithful people.”

    Grade 3 Teacher
    St. Ignatius of Loyola School
  • “I loved every bit of the TOB program for my kindergarten class . … Lessons were simple, age appropriate, and meaningful to their little world. Every lesson children were reminded that they are unique, special, and loved. I stayed in the room for each lesson excited to see what I would take away from the class, and so I could continue with her [the designated TOB teacher] message during the rest of the week. A very positive experience for me and all my little friends!”

    Kindergarten Teacher
    St. Ignatius of Loyola
  • “Throughout the year the children were able to easily express how God made them uniquely
    unrepeatable. We had a family journal entry for Mother’s Day and a prompt they had to finish was about what God said when his/her mom was born and many children said that God looked at their mothers and said they were unrepeatable. The boys also became aware that little acts of chivalry are easy to perform. They would suggest that the girls go first or would step back to let me go in front of them.”

    2nd Grade Teacher
    St. Ignatius School of Loyola

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