K-12 Curriculum

Theology of the Body curriculum for the classroom.

Help students grow in their God-given identity.

Our K-12 foundational curriculum equips teachers and parents with church approved tools for forming boys and girls in their God-given identity. REVEALED/ROOTED brings to life Pope St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body in the context of our modern world. Through this curriculum, children gain an understanding of who God is, who they are as image-bearers of God, male or female, and how they fit into the world.

  • Easy to implement
  • Very affordable
  • No prior TOB expertise required
  • Supplemental curriculum fits into your existing plans
  • For instruction by teachers, parents, and homeschool programs
  • Widely integrated in schools and parishes

Our Theology of the Body guides and activities are presented in clear and simple language teachers can use to help guide children in their God-given identity.

Gain language to explain truths in simple ways

Encourage students to pursue the true, the good, and the beautiful

Find answers to tough and complex questions

Help students become people filled with mercy, grace, and love for themselves and others

What our Theology of the Body K-12 curriculum teaches vs. what it is not.


  • What it means to be male and female, created in God’s image
  • We are created as a gift
  • God gives us an essential purpose to live for others
  • We are called to authentically love God and one another
  • When we align with God and our purpose, we are destined for happiness
  • Understanding how God reveals himself through Jesus, marriage, the sacraments, and more
  • The dignity of each human person, and their calls to work and love
  • God’s plan for marital relationships


  • A chastity program
  • Too hard for the common person to understand
  • A bunch of rules
  • Only focused on human sexuality
  • Revolutionary or a break with tradition
  • A biology textbook
  • A “fad” or trend
  • Sex Ed.
Teen girl laughing with friends
“I learned some new things like that God made everyone different and unique and I learned about how powerful His love is, which were things that stood out to me. That you are not forced to do anything, but God suggests it so that you can become happy.”

Grade 7 Student


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Educator Support

Full training and support is provided to all who purchase our curriculum, so you feel prepared to teach the truth with clarity and compassion. Our Educator Support section offers resources for teachers, catechists, and families. Those who have already ordered materials can access their resources in the Support section.


What is Theology of the Body?

Most Catholics lack clear, simple language they can use to understand and communicate who they were made to be. Theology of the Body offers clear, beautiful answers. We know many people aren’t familiar with it, so we’ve created a brief explanation to show how it relates to your life and your children’s lives.