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TOB Rosary Book

The rosary radiates new personal insights every time you pray it through the lens of Theology of the Body. This will become a meditative treasure and a beautiful gift for special family and friends when you invite them into this circle of love. With beautiful illustrations and reflections for each mystery, this book is ideal for individual prayer, prayer as a couple, and as a special gift for family and friends. It’s even being used in community prayer in some middle schools.


Learn to pray the “favorite prayer” of St. John Paul II in a whole new way. Who am I? What is my purpose in life? Jesus Christ, the Son of God, took on a body to answer these questions. Pope St. John Paul II articulated the answers in his Theology of the Body. The rosary radiates new personal insights every time you pray it through this lens of Theology of the Body.

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What’s Included

Theology of the Body Rosary Meditations Book

Contemplating Christ’s Love for His Bride, the Church. 

Theology of the Body Rosary Meditations Book Cover

More Info

Debbie Staresinic is a graduate of the Theology of the Body Institute. She is a wife, mother, and grandmother, with a special love for the Blessed Mother and a passion for sharing the Church’s beautiful vision concerning the meaning and value of the human person. Following the words and example of Pope St. John Paul II, Mrs. Staresinic invites us to enter more fully into the Church’s call to be active witnesses of Jesus Christ’s sacrificial love in our lives.

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“Use this devotional – as I will – to draw you deeper into the tangible, relatable life of the Mother of God and her Son, Jesus Christ, true God and true Man.” — Sr. Helena Burns, FSP

“Your book is a lovely way to give the gifts of the Rosary and the teachings of Theology of the Body to others. Thank you for these beautiful reflections that deepen my prayer and healing as well as my understanding of the Rosary and the truths of Theology of the Body.” —Laura

Loved the book I purchased. Now I have one for every one of my catechists. Thank You! We are going to use the book for RCIA as well. I am just thrilled with this book. Could not have asked for more.” —Marty

My dad and I prayed the rosary together using my copy of the book for our meditations last weekend. He is 81 yrs old. He was very moved by the meditations. This order was for him to have his own copy.“—Liz

My girlfriend bought one of your rosary meditations while visiting the JPII museum in DC. We prayed with them every day for about a week and I fell in love with them enough to buy one of my own and one for a group of guys I pray with and hang out with.”—Eric

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