Become the person God made you to be.

Ruah Woods Institute offers resources for growing your God-given identity, written in language made for today’s world.

It’s tough to offer answers to hard questions when we don’t have the language ourselves.

We know that educators and parents are being asked difficult questions, and they don’t know where to go for answers.


K-12 Curriculum

Bring to life Pope St. John Paul II’s TOB in the context of our modern world, so children can grow in their God-given identity, male or female. This foundational K-12 curriculum is easy to teach, completing your regular religious offering.

Teacher-friendly, affordable, and easily implemented, our curriculum has been widely integrated into schools, homeschools and parishes across all 50 states and beyond.


A classroom or homeschool kit (storybook(s) + teacher’s guide) per grade level. Yearly student activity book.


A consumable, keepsake book for each student plus an educator’s guide for each grade level at school or home.

High School

Online subscription to 8 courses and lessons you can use and customize at your discretion. For parishes, school and homeschools alike.


Parish Program Catechists Guides helps to streamline Theology of the Body lessons from our K-8 Curriculum when class time is minimal. 5 Lessons for each grade level K-5 & 3 Lessons for each grade level 6-8.

What our Theology of the Body K-12 curriculum teaches vs. what it is not.


  • What it means to be male or female, created in God’s image
  • We are created as a gift
  • God gives us an essential purpose to live for others
  • We are called to authentically love God and one another
  • When we align with God and our purpose, we are destined for happiness
  • Understanding how God reveals himself through Jesus, marriage, the sacraments, and more
  • The dignity of each human person, and their calls to work and love
  • God’s plan for marital relationships


  • A chastity program
  • Too hard for the common person to understand
  • A bunch of rules
  • Only focused on human sexuality
  • Revolutionary or a break with tradition
  • A biology textbook
  • A “fad” or trend
  • Sex Ed.
older female teacher educating 2 Catholic school students

“TOB had a huge impact on my first graders this year! I constantly overheard compliments to one another and even given to me. My class would make hundreds of little notes for ALL of the first graders that read “You are a gift from God” or “You are loved.” I truly believe that TOB has changed the environment of our school. So excited about becoming a TOB Campus!”

1st Grade Teacher
At a TOB Campus School

Ruah Woods Institute supports adults, teachers, students, and parents as we seek to understand the truth about our innate dignity, as image-bearers of God, male or female, called to love one another as God loves. We do this by helping Catholics apply Theology of the Body to our everyday lives—becoming more of the sons or daughters God made each of us to be.


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