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Parish Theology of the Body Instruction

For years, our K-12 Theology of the Body curriculum has been enriching academic communities and inspiring a generation of young saints. Now, we’re bringing an abridged K-5 version of our literature-based approach to your parish. It’s time to inspire your church community with a beautiful, timely introduction to Theology of the Body instruction.

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Transform the heart of your parish with Theology of the Body.

Many Catholics struggle with clear, simple ways to talk about what matters most. As parish leaders and catechists, it’s your goal to be a valuable resource for your parishioners, including your littlest community members. The Catechist’s Companion will empower you as you educate and inspire all of those in your care.


A simple approach for effective parish-wide formation

The Catechist’s Companion, created for limited time and budgets in mind, is ready to provide support, depth, and fun to the subjects you’re already teaching. Lead with prayer, read a gorgeously-illustrated story, and enjoy thought-provoking discussions with your young parishioners.

With each Catechist’s Companion, you can expect: 

  • Five completely scripted lessons 
  • Games, activities, and worksheets
  • Engaging stories with beautiful illustrations
  • Catechist resource pages with helpful explanations
  • …and more! 

We know that it’s important to use your parish’s resources wisely, so we developed this timeless K-5 program with practicality in mind. Use the same materials year after year to support students as they learn more about who they are (and who they were made to be).

Literature-based lessons introducing Theology of the Body to your students

Each unique, grade-specific 5-lesson package for Catechists draws on a richly-illustrated story to help young minds discover the foundational concepts of Pope St. John Paul II’s teaching. Your Catechist’s companion includes everything you need to be ready to guide students through this life-changing training.

In these formative years, students and catechists will explore these fundamental Theology of the Body themes: Creation is a Gift, Original Solitude, Dignity of Work, Purity of Heart/Virtue and Vocation.

Kindergarten TOB Curriculum and Lessons:

The kindergarten package includes: 

  • Blueberries for Sal 
  • Kindergarten Catechist’s Companion

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First Grade TOB Curriculum and Lessons:

The first grade package includes: 

  • The Animal Hedge
  • Grade 1 Catechist’s Companion

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Second grade students build on the foundation established in earlier years by exploring the concepts of Gift of Self, Original Unity, and the Body Reveals the Person.

Second Grade TOB Curriculum and Lessons:

The second grade package includes: 

  • The Quiltmaker’s Gift
  • Grade 2 Catechist’s Companion

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In Grades 3-5, we give students a view into the Bible to establish the tradition of deriving personal inspiration from the Word of God. Students in these grades will explore the three original experiences of Adam and Eve (Original Solitude, Original Unity, Original Nakedness) as well as themes such as Gift-of-Self, The Body Reveals the Person, Body-Soul Unity, Vocation, and Creation is a Gift.

Third Grade TOB Curriculum and Lessons:

The Grade 3 package includes: 

  • Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters 
  • Grade 3 Catechist’s Companion
  • Original Solitude timeline worksheets

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Fourth Grade TOB Curriculum and Lessons

The Grade 4 package includes: 

  • Peppe the Lamplighter 
  • Grade 4 Catechist’s Companion
  • Original Unity timeline worksheets

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Fifth Grade TOB Curriculum and Lessons

The Grade 5 package includes:

  • D’Aulaires’ Greek Myths 
  • Grade 5 Catechist’s Companion
  • Original Nakedness timeline worksheets

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Need help with other grades?

For Your Junior High & Older Students, our ROOTED Grades 6-8 & Called to be More High School Curriculum are excellent Theology of the Body Curriculum sources for any Parish Religious Education Program.