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Pilot ROOTED Grade 6-8 TOB Curriculum Closeout – While Supplies Last

December 07, 2018

  • As we prepare room in our hearts for the coming of Christ this Advent, we have exciting news to share. Our ROOTED: Theology of the Body Grade 6-8 pilot program is well underway. Our materials are in the hands of 508 teachers and 5,561 students in 27 states across the country! Praise be to God! Our curriculum is on track to finalize for the 2019/20 school year and we will begin taking orders for these books in February.

What others are saying!

We are currently receiving survey feedback from those in the program and wanted to share some with you.

  • “The students love doing skits or hands-on activities.”
  • “I like the concepts. It is so important for them to know that God loves them as they are. It is important for them to know that they are created well and in the image of God. So are all the people they encounter each day. I hope it helps them treat others as they should be treated.”

We also had teachers talk about how the students have begun to connect these ideas to other classes.

  • “I love the conversations we have and I also like how the ideas feed into everything else we do in our school.”
  • “I love everything about this curriculum. (As the Religious Ed Coordinator, I am the person that implemented this curriculum into our parish program)… we are setting the groundwork by providing the vocabulary and basic ideas of what TOB is.”
  • “Thank you for providing teachers with a quality curriculum for this topic. I really like the student’s books, and I know that my students do, too.”
  • “This is a great pairing with our current religion textbook. Our teachers love the set-up and are able to use the materials in many creative ways.”

We are so grateful for all those who have given us feedback and excited about the continued growth and changes that are coming to Ruah Woods Press.

While Supplies Last!

BUT…today’s news is we still have Grade 6-8 Theology of the Body pilot discounted materials available for anyone interested in reviewing and/or incorporating the abridged version into your spring religious education classes. The pilot sets the tone for the material to follow and includes just two lessons per grade – the final material will cover six lessons per grade. These pilot materials are a great way to ease into this beautiful supplemental teaching, with just a couple of lessons for each grade 6-8.

The pilot rates are as follows:

$5 per Common Place Book (one needed per student)

$15 per Teacher’s Guide (one needed per educator)

These will only be available while supplies last.





Evie Estes