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Discovering Sacred Scripture with 3RD, 4TH, and 5TH Graders

June 22, 2018

To discover the beauty of the world and faith, look through the eyes of a 3rd, 4th, or 5th grader. Children at this age tend to be deeply inquisitive. They desire to place themselves in everything. To imagine themselves in time. They are also developing the ability to learn more complex thoughts. This is why we begin to cultivate and instill a joy of discovering Theology of the Body through sacred scripture at this grade level.

Each Grade Dives Deeper into Sacred Scripture

In Kindergarten through 2nd Grade, we used beautifully illustrated literature to open the door to discovering Theology of the Body. But as children are entering into 3rd grade, they begin to develop a more contemplative and reflective mind. We invite our 3rd through 5th graders into the wonderful mystery —  to explore the depth of Sacred Scripture, and child’s place in salvation history. To round out the experience, for each of these grades, we also provide a unit of inviting illustrated literature as well.

Our scripture lessons are rooted in Genesis. Third grade explores Original Solitude, fourth grade Original Unity, and fifth-grade Original Nakedness, each giving the child the opportunity to see themselves in the scripture passages — using a timeline that branches out over six feet!

The goal of the lessons is to present God’s invitation into the mystery. We want to show that the mystery continues to unfold through his living word. Scripture also reveals God’s desire for us and it answers our deepest questions of where we come from, and who we are. God has a very intentional relationship with each and every person, which is something that each child will discover through these lessons.

We are so excited about seeing this unfold in each and every school and classroom. Our hope is that through this curriculum they will encounter sacred scripture — using the familiar Bible you have in your classroom. That they will also learn about their history as well as embody the authentic love that God planned for everyone…from the beginning.



Diana Weckenbrock