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TOB for Catechists K-5

This condensed version of our K-5 curriculum was created for Catechists to introduce Theology of the Body to Kindergarteners through Fifth Graders in just five lessons per grade level. This bundled set includes one accompanying literature book plus the Catechist’s Companion for each grade level K-5 (adjust quantities as needed). The Catechist’s Companion K-5 segment of our curriculum is especially geared towards time-constrained Parish Religious Education Programs and/or homeschooling families who may have a limited budget — otherwise for our full TOB curriculum offering with 9 lessons, we recommend REVEALED K-5.


These materials offer an invitation to the joy of being created in God’s image and likeness. The curriculum uses richly illustrated children’s literature to pique natural curiosity and explore the concepts of Theology of the Body—in a language we can all understand.  Through your guidance, the child will experience their unique role in God’s plan for humanity.  

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What’s Included

Catechist’s Companions

Each of the K-5 Catechist’s Companions offer five delightful lessons. You’ll be guided every step of the way with background information on Theology of the Body, simple objectives and materials needed per lesson. Each lesson includes prayer, discussion questions, activities and worksheets. Just open and teach. 

K-5 Catechist Companion Covers


These classic stories help children understand Theology of the Body concepts:
Blueberries for Sal (Kindergarten) 
The Animal Hedge (Grade 1) 
The Quiltmaker’s Gift (Grade 2) 
Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters (Grade 3) 
Peppe the Lamplighter (Grade 4) 
D’Aulaires’ Book of Greek Myths (Grade 5)

6 Literature Book Covers

Catechist’s Companion K-5 Curriculum

  • Five uniform, scripted lessons with discussion questions and feasible activities per grade  
  • Worksheets available online to download/print
  • Created for tight budgets and limited time
  • Authentic to Pope St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body
  • Catechist resource pages for thorough theme explanations
  • Church approved with imprimatur from the Archdiocese of Cincinnati
  • The missing foundational piece in Catholic religious education today

More Info

Together, you will enjoy exploring five fundamental Theology of the Body themes for each K-5 grade level. The timeless stories…these hands on lessons… have staying power for the learning of a lifetime.

Kindergarten Lesson Themes

Creation is a Gift (Part 1)

Creation is a Gift (Part 2)

Original Solitude (Part 1)

Original Solitude (Part 2)

Dignity of Work

First Grade Lesson Themes

Creation is a Gift (Part 1)

Creation is a Gift (Part 2)

Purity of Heart/Virtue

Vocation (Part 1)

Vocation (Part 2)

Second Grade Lesson Themes

Gift-of-Self (Part 1)

Gift-of-Self (Part 2)

Original Unity (Part 1)

Original Unity (Part 2)

The Body Reveals the Person

Third Grade Lesson Themes

Gift-of-Self (Part 1)

The Body Reveals the Person

Original Solitude (Part 1): In the Beginning

Original Solitude (Part 2): Where We Are Now

Original Solitude (Part 3): Our Destiny

Fourth Grade Lesson Themes

Body-Soul Unity


Original Unity (Part 1): In the Beginning

Original Unity (Part 2): Where We Are Now

Original Unity (Part 3): Our Destiny

Fifth Grade Lesson Themes

Creation is a Gift


Original Nakedness (Part 1): In the Beginning

Original Nakedness (Part 2): Where We Are Now

Original Nakedness (Part 3): Our Destiny

Guidance in forming children to become who God created them to be  

Many people lack clear and simple language they can use to help guide children in their God-given identity. Our Theology of the Body resources for catechists aims to provide answers.   

  • Easy to use 
  • Requires no prior Theology of the Body experience
  • Offers language kids can understand 
  • Engages minds and hearts through discussion
  • Fosters discovery and creativity  

Why is Theology of the Body for Kids based in literature? 

Even as a priest, future Pope St. John Paul II used plays, poetry, art and stories to awaken young people to the wonder of their humanity, the purpose of love, and the beauty of their culture. Borrowing insight from the master, each unit of our curriculum is centered around a work of literature. 

Capture with your students the joy, wonder, peace, and virtue of discovering the gift of life, and authentic identity and dignity of being male or female in God’s image. 

Can I purchase the Catechist’s Companions separately because we already own the storybooks?

No. Due to our use of carefully chosen storybooks and characters that are intricately woven into understanding some of the TOB themes, plus the publishers graciously allowing this arrangement, we only sell these as a curriculum kit set together—storybook plus the Catechist’s Companion.


  • “This beautiful curriculum made my heart sing. I felt I was experiencing wonder and discovery right along with my daughter as we connected the lesson to the “kalos,” the experience of beauty and culture. [Your curriculum] has a genius for connecting truth to beauty in a way that makes catechesis speak to the heart.”

    Homeschooling Parent
  • “I love everything about this curriculum. (I am the Rel. Ed Coordinator, the person that implemented this curriculum into our parish program). I love that we are setting the groundwork by providing the vocabulary and basic ideas of what TOB is.”  

  • “You have created a well-thought out TOB curriculum. It was teacher/ student/parent friendly. It is easy to teach… Everything that you need is included- storybook synopsis/ TOB background information, worksheets, materials needed for crafts, discussion questions. I enjoyed teaching it to my students. I would not change a thing! Thank you.”

    1st Grade Catechist
  • “You are really onto something with these recorded workshops. It’s a very cost effective as well as convenient way to train catechists to teach this and it helps give the catechists the needed confidence and encouragement. Well done!”

    After Online Formation/Training
  • “It has now become clear to me, after taking this [online] course, how much we can infuse the teachings from the [TOB] material into our weekly religious ed curriculum! I will be sharing what I have learned with my catechists so they can reinforce these amazing teachings of St. John Paul II and the Catholic Church!”

    After Online Formation/Training

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